The West Ottawa Soccer Case Study


Chris Roth, the U15 OPDL team coach, came to us in early January, 2017, and told us his team needed to raise money for an upcoming trip to Germany. Three of the boys could not afford to join the team due to lack of financial resources.

He emphasized the team could not go without these players, all of whom were high performing athletes. The problem is that the money needed to be raised before February 28, the deadline to pay the last installment to the travel agency.

The coach informed us that at least $10, 000 needed to be raised with the least effort possible as the team would be busy preparing for the Germany trip.

Chris Roth, West Ottawa Soccer OPDL coach


CauseSquare immediately got to work by filming and producing a promo video featuring the three players and their story.

A web/mobile campaign page was created on the CauseSquare platform. The team was divided into two fundraising teams: Berlin vs Dortmund.

The boys were given the tasks of going door-to-door to seek donations. Each boy spent an average of only one hour per week. They used the pledge feature on the CauseSquare app to keep track of their cash donations.

Once collected from the boys, the campaign manager, one of the parents, marked those pledges collected on the CauseSquare dashboard.

Parents also played a role by emailing their friends, family and colleagues. These potential donors were directed to a mobile optimized online donation form where they could donate anytime, anywhere, in under 20 seconds.

CauseSquare also created a Facebook page for the team and embedded a donation form directly into Facebook. A link on the promo video was placed to direct viewers to the campaign’s page to make a donation.

The boys performance was tracked through a leaderboard. At the end of the campaign, the three top winners were awarded Tim Horton’s gift cards.

Parents and boys commented that this was the most fun and easiest fundraising they have done- ever.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.54.39 AM


In total, the team raised $12, 983, exceeding the $10, 000 target by $2, 983. It should be noted that several parents chose to run a fundraising raffle in parallel, just in case. They were able to raise only a little above $2, 000.

The coach and the team were impressed how effortless it was to raise the money compared to how they have done it in the past. Here’s what coach Chris had to say:

I could not believe how easy and effortless it was to raise money for the Germany Trip. We exceeded our target of $10K by $3K in a much shorter period of time than any fundraiser we have run in the past

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