The trip to the Gothia Cup case study


We contacted this U12 Girls team in February, 2017, after we noticed that they were struggling to raise money for their Sweden trip on the FlipGive web site. We explained the benefits of the CauseSquare platform vs the FlipGive one.

The parents in charge of fundraising were skeptical and did not get back to us until two months later. By that time, and after spending over 5 months trying to achieve their fundraising target on FlipGive, they had given up. They decided to give CauseSquare a try.

What was challenging is that the team had only two months to raise $5, 000.



CauseSquare immediately got to work by instructing the team to shoot few video clips featuring several players and their stories. CauseSquare produced a 3-minute video, inserting a fundraising ask at the very end of the clip.

A web/mobile campaign page was created on the CauseSquare platform. The team was divided into two fundraising teams: Juventus vs Real Madrid.

The CauseSquare fundraising coach spent the first week educating the parent in charge of fundraising on the importance of following the CauseSquare proprietary fundraising process.

The first two weeks of the campaign consisted of emailing family and close friends. The email script was carefully crafted by the fundraising coach. The third and fourth weeks were spent searching for sponsors who ended donating close to a $1000, giving the campaign a huge boost.

During the last few weeks of the campaign, a combination of email asks and social media posts helped exceed the $5, 000 target the team has set for its members.

Parents played a role by emailing their friends, family and colleagues. These potential donors were directed to a mobile optimized online donation form where they could donate anytime, anywhere, in under 20 seconds.


Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.33.53 PM


In total, the team raised $5, 244, exceeding the $5, 000 target by $244.

The coach and the team were impressed how effortless it was to raise the money compared to how they have done it in the past. Here’s what Wolfgang, the parent in charge, had to say:

After attempting several different fundraisers for our U12 girls’ soccer team’s trip to the Gothia Cup in Sweden, we decided to give CauseSquare a try. It was amazing how with the great step-by step support from the CauseSquare team, we were able to find sponsors for the trip, after being unsuccessful in our attempts for several months. The video appeal was one of the key elements to the campaigns success. The coaches and other parents on the team were astonished at how much money we were able to raise via the CauseSquare app, in a relatively short period of time. We will certainly consider using CauseSquare again for future fundraising projects

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