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The Quartier Vanier Business Improvement Area, a non-profit organization representing over 466 property and business owners across Beechwood Avenue, Montreal Road and McArthur Avenue, has a vision of embracing creativity.

As such, we have invested a significant amount this year towards its vision for creating the TALLEST mural in Ottawa right here in Vanier. Yes, you read it right: the TALLEST mural in Ottawa.

Vote on your favourite mural concept for 261 Montréal Road! Congratulations to the following 4 artist teams that have been short-listed to paint the TALLEST mural in Ottawa based on the concepts that they submitted last month to our House of PainT - UrbanArtFest / QVBIA Artist Callout. Deadline to vote: March 31, 2017 12pm! Vote here: / Votez pour votre concept de murale favori ? 261, chemin de Montréal Félicitations aux quatre équipes d?artistes suivantes, qui ont été présélectionnées pour peindre la PLUS GRANDE murale d?Ottawa grâce au concept qu?elles ont présenté le mois passé dans le cadre d?un appel de propositions de la ZAC QV et de House of PainT. Date limite: le 31 mars 2017 à midi. Votez ici :

To do this, we kicked it off with partnering with House of PainT, the largest urban arts organization in the city, plus the property owner of 261 Montréal Road who will be providing the 4-storey wall, the perfect canvas for what will become one of Ottawa’s most iconic murals.

Here are the top three benefits this project will provide to Vanier’s residents and businesses:

  1. Vanier will get more attention and attract professionals who want to live closer to downtown.
  2. Increased traffic from tourists who will surely spend money at local businesses.
  3. The mural will bring the community together and make it stronger.

We asked you, the community, to vote for your favourite mural design. Over 1000 votes were cast.

We are delighted to announce the winning artist team, two of Ottawa’s most revered visual artists are Mique Michelle and Kalkidan Assefa (aka drippin soul).

The official unveiling of the TALLEST mural will take place on June 10We expect a huge turnout at this event. We hope you can join us.

In order to meet our obligations towards the excellent artists we have engaged, and not to compromise on quality, we are a little under $10, 000 short to make this dream a reality.

Help us raise $5,000 to create THE Vanier Canada 150th event! With the community’s help, we will be able to create a long-lasting iconic mural, right here on Montreal Road.

Here’s what you will receive in exchange for your generous contribution:

  • For every $40 a supporter donates, the donor will receive 1 high-quality, coloured limited edition of the mural concept print as a gift for our appreciation for their support.
  • Top 3 Donor Leaders: will receive a Certificate of Recognition presented at MOZAIK, plus the corresponding number of high-quality, coloured limited edition of the mural concept prints as a gift for our appreciation for their support.
  • Top 3 Campaign Community Champions: Top promoters of the crowdfunding QVBIA posts (measured via “social shares” on Facebook and Twitter), will receive a Certificate of Recognition plus 3 copies of the high-quality, coloured limited edition of the mural concept print as a gift our appreciation for their support.

In order for us to track your donations and social media sharing activities, a CauseSquare account is required. Watch this video on how to create a CauseSquare account and how to use the app.


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$2573 of $2, 500 $2, 500


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