Ewen Case Study

Denice Pardillo, Soccer Mom

The Story

Denice, Ewen’s mom, contacted us around mid-February, 2017. She stated that Ewen, her 9 year old son, received an invitation from Barcelona FC to play in a showcase tournament in early April of that same year.

Ewen was selected from a group of 80 potential Canadian players to participate in this prestigious tournament. Ewen was praised by the various coaches as a player who had a bright future ahead of him.

Barcelona FC waived the tournament fees for him but the travel expenses were still Ewen’s responsibility.


Examining her finances, Denice realized she could only contribute $3, 000 out of the $4, 000 overall cost. She was short of a $1,000 and she only had few weeks to come up with the balance.

Before contacting CauseSquare, Denice tried to approach local businesses for sponsorships. She also tried to organize offline fundraising events. Not a single business agreed to sponsor Ewen, and the offline dinner fundraising event required a lot of preparation. Time was not on her side.

What complicated matters is that Denice fell ill (she had allergy) and she had to spend a lot of time at the hospital, leaving little time for her to work on fundraising for little rising star.


CauseSquare immediately got to work by filming and producing a promo video featuring Ewen. Ewen was filmed practicing and one of his coaches was interviewed.

A web/mobile campaign page was created on the CauseSquare platform.

CauseSquare drafted an email donation ask script for Denice and her spouse to use. Few emails went out every week to friends and family.

CauseSquare also launched a Facebook page and coached Denice on how to post a fundraising appeal on the platform.

Denice was able to track the donations on a daily basis using the CauseSquare dashboard.

Denice, who during the last week of the campaign, did not login on the dashboard, due to health reasons, could not believe that the campaign had already achieved its target. She was surprised to learn that the target has, in fact, been exceeded.


In total, the Ewen Goes to Barcelona campaign raised $1, 085, exceeding the $1, 000 target by $85.

Denice and her spouse were impressed by how easy it was to raise money on the CauseSquare platform. They were also impressed by the customer care and support they received from the CauseSquare team. Here’s what Denice had to say:

I adored the CauseSquare experience. We received $20-200 donations in no time, and with a little effort. The CauseSquare staff supported us every step of the way, and because of their support and deep know-how, my son was able to realize his dream. CauseSquare and staff are simply awesome