Why use storytelling in your donor outreach

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Storytelling is the number one engaging content online”

– Julia Campbell –

Julia Campbell is a storytelling and fundraising expert. She authored the book “Storytelling in the digital age- a guide for nonprofits”.


I invited Julia on my podcast to talk about the importance of storytelling in the nonprofit sector and why organizations should master this mixture of art and science.

I asked Julia the following questions:

Q1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What got you interested in the nonprofit and charitable sector in the first place?
Q2. What is storytelling? And why you chose to make it your career?
Q3. What is special about storytelling and what makes it so powerful?
Q4. Are there different kinds of storytelling techniques? May be ones that would be suitable for a specific occasion but not for another?
Q5. How can storytelling help the nonprofit sector?
Q6. Do you find nonprofits are using enough storytelling in their day to day work when communicating with donors (online or offline)?
Q7. What role can video technology play in telling a story?
Q8. Is storytelling an art or a science, or both? Can someone learn it.
Q9. Are there any specific tech tools that can assist fundraising managers in crafting a story?
Q10. How can our listeners learn more from you and how can they reach you?

Enjoy listening!

Maher Arar
Maher Arar

Maher Arar is the CEO of CauseSquare, a Canadian startup that provides nonprofits and community organizers a gamified mobile platform to make it easier for them to engage Millennials in their causes. He has a PhD in mobile communications and frequently writes about how nonprofits can leverage mobile technology to their advantage. He is the recipient of many prestigious awards including the Time 100, Time Magazine 100 most influential people in the world.

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